About me (or why I love Norwex so much that I became a Consultant)

I am probably the most unlikely Norwex Consultant – I really couldn’t stand cleaning! I’m a mom of three (a 20 year old, a two year old and a newborn) and coach business owners on leadership, marketing and communications. I definitely wasn’t looking for another business!

When I met my husband, he came with a homemaker (which was awesome!) however I just couldn’t figure out how she was cleaning our home with these Norwex microfiber cloths and water. Our home felt great but I was tempted to spray cleaners around to make sure things were getting cleaned. About a year later, I went to my first Norwex party and learned how the Norwex microfiber cloth is different than others on the market and how it mechanically removes dirt and residue from surfaces and the silver prohibits growth of odor causing microorganisms and bacteria in the cloth. I was hooked.

When I had my second daughter, I tried the Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent because I wanted a filler free and unscented product for her laundry. I was blown away by how clean and bright her clothes were. And I was returning clothes that were loaned to us even cleaner than they arrived!

So every time I ran out of UPP laundry detergent, I would get some of my friends together, host a Norwex party, stock up and earn great hostess gifts. After my last party, my friend Nina and I decided that we had to take advantage of the awesome consultant discount and become Norwex Independent Sales Consultants. And so the Good Clean Fun Girls began…

We’re part of one of the top teams in North America with awesome leadership, training and support. If you think you might be a fit as a Norwex Consultant, I’d love to connect with you. Not only will you receive a Starter Kit full of great products that you will use and love, you’ll also earn money for helping other people reduce chemicals in their home, reduce the time they spend cleaning and save money on cleaning products.

When I’m not opening Norwex deliveries like Christmas presents (my FedEx delivery people are getting to know me on a first name basis), I help business owners develop their leadership skills, work life balance and create fulfilling lives. For fun, I bake, knit and run a local knitting group, and dance salsa and west coast swing – although that has been on the back burner for a few months.

I’d love to connect with you on our Facebook page or Twitter. Or even better, book a party and we’ll show you and your friends the joy of cleaning with Norwex.