Flash Sale: Norwex Cleaning Paste and Travel Enviros

Wow – another flash sale by Norwex until 10 am on Thursday.  Cleaning on the go? Or want more oomph in your cleaning without more muscle? Our Quick Clean, Quick Sale has you covered! This features our elbow-grease-in-a-jar Cleaning Paste ($5 off) and the Travel Enviro Set (Clean on the go and save $3).

Quick clean, quick sale

Cleaning Paste is my go-to for getting marks off walls, shining up the sink or faucets and sharpie marker on my totes. It also works really well to get sticky residue off (you know, when you pull the tag off but a little gets left behind…)

The Travel Enviros are super handy for wiping down tables, highchairs, plane seats and more. They remove up to 99% of bacteria on the surface of what you are cleaning and come in a package of 4.
Here is where you’ll find them on my site:
Travel pack: http://www.norwex.biz/PublicStore/product/Travel-Pack-NEW,1895.aspx
Cleaning Paste: http://www.norwex.biz/PublicStore/product/Cleaning-Paste,813.aspx
Or message me by 9 am on Thursday if you’d like to some up.

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