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Flash Sale: Norwex Cleaning Paste and Travel Enviros

Wow – another flash sale by Norwex until 10 am on Thursday.  Cleaning on the go? Or want more oomph in your cleaning without more muscle? Our Quick Clean, Quick Sale has you covered! This features our elbow-grease-in-a-jar Cleaning Paste ($5 off) and the Travel Enviro Set (Clean on the go and save $3).

Quick clean, quick sale

Cleaning Paste is my go-to for getting marks off walls, shining up the sink or faucets and sharpie marker on my totes. It also works really well to get sticky residue off (you know, when you pull the tag off but a little gets left behind…)

The Travel Enviros are super handy for wiping down tables, highchairs, plane seats and more. They remove up to 99% of bacteria on the surface of what you are cleaning and come in a package of 4.
Here is where you’ll find them on my site:
Travel pack:,1895.aspx
Cleaning Paste:,813.aspx
Or message me by 9 am on Thursday if you’d like to some up.

Email troubles…

Ahhh yes. Of course after a big tradeshow, my email has been corrupted or some foul thing! If you are trying to reach me at this domain’s email, you may get a server rejection issue. =(

You may reach me at goodcleanfungirls [at]

Talk soon!


Travel safely this holiday season…

My husband called me and said, “This woman was just on the radio talking about how you should wipe down airplane trays with antibacterial wipes. You need to tell her about Norwex!” Well, he’s right. And she has a point.

Use the travel enviro to clean with just water

One of the unfortunate side affects of traveling is that we can be exposed to everyone else’s germs through contact with common areas. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t advocate living in a bubble. But there is a simple thing that you can do to improve your chances of staying healthy: use a Travel Enviro to wipe down the area that you’ll be touching.

I carry a Travel Enviro in the Norwex Reusable Wipes Bag with a small spray bottle filled with water. The Wipes Bag has 2 pockets – one for carrying clean cloths, the second for tucking them away once used. This is especially handy for wiping down highchairs and tables in restaurants. You’d be amazed (and disgusted) and what the Enviro picks up. But then I know that it’s safe for my kids to eat right off the table! I also wipe down my kids’ hands and faces after they’re done eating with either the Travel Enviro or a Baby Wash Cloth. It’s quick, simple and effective.

Wet wipes are one of the most common consumer items in our landfills, making up 30% of non-biodegradable waste. By using a non-disposable product, you are making a choice that is also good for our environment.

Clear the Clutter

It’s hard to clean if you can’t see the surfaces in your home. Here is a quick and simple way to get in the habit of clearing up.

Clear the clutter

Get three containers, boxes, bins, Rubbermaids or whatever… they don’t need to match. Line one with plastic – that one is going to be for the things you want to throw away. The other two are for things that will be finding a new home and things that need to be put away.

We’ve made these downloadable signs to put on your boxes to keep everything clear. Download, print and clear.

Spring cleaning sort

Keep moving… and enjoy your new space!